April 2022: Prayers and Reflections

Prayers and Reflections for April


The Pope’s Monthly Intention
We pray for health care workers who serve the sick and elderly, especially in the poorest countries; may they be adequately supported by governments and local communities.


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Reflection for Holy Thursday

To wash the feet of others is to love them, especially when they don’t deserve our love, and to do good to them, even when they can’t or don’t return the favor. It is to consider others’ needs to be as important as our own. It is to forgive others from the heart, even though they don’t say, ‘I’m sorry.’ It is to serve them, even when the task is unpleasant. It is to let others know we care when they feel downtrodden or burdened. It is to be generous with what we have. It is to turn the other cheek instead of retaliating when we’re treated unfairly. It is to make adjustments in our plans in order to serve others’ needs without expecting any reward. In doing and suffering all these things in this way, we love and serve Jesus Himself, as He has loved us and has taught us to do (Mt 25:31-ff).

Fr Antony Kadavil


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Good Friday Reflection The Soldier

I am an old man now. I live with my son’s sons in a land far from that godforsaken land. Nightly, I write my tales of old so my son’s sons will know that I once stood as part of the Praetorian Guard, Pontius Pilate’s personal guards.

A solitary centurion on Golgotha hill. Oh, an aptly named place, all sand and skulls. In the shadow of three crosses I stood avoiding his mother’s gaze. She, her women and the boy stood directly in front of me and never wavered. I admired her courage but averted my eyes. It is all part of the training you see: best not to get involved; not my job to judge; just carry out the orders of the just. Or truth be told, the unjust. Yet something about this one lingers in the back of my mind; his courage, his acceptance, his purity. And when the lightening struck and the sky darkened, the veil of the temple fell and these words flew from my lips, ‘Truly he is the Son of God.’ Startled, the other soldiers stared at me. Again, I averted my gaze; it is not wise to stand out from the crowd. But I knew somewhere deep down that I spoke only the truth. This was my last post. The ache for family spurred these soldier’s sandals home.

I am an old man now. I live with my son’s sons, yet at night I still dream that one day I will see the face of the Son of God again.

Lorcan Kenny Seven Voices of Hope Eastertide Prayer Series (Veritas)


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Prayer Meditation for Holy Saturday

My Lord, today all is silent. You have given Your precious life for the salvation of the world. You died a horrific death, poured out all Mercy from Your wounded Heart, and now You rest in peace in the tomb as the soldiers keep vigil.

Lord, may I also keep vigil with You as You sleep. I know that this day ends with Your glorious triumph, Your victory over sin and death. But for now I sit quietly mourning Your death.

Help me, dear Lord, to enter into the sorrow and the silence of this Holy Saturday. Today no Sacraments are celebrated. Today the world waits in mourning in anticipation of the glory of new life!

As I keep vigil, awaiting the celebration of Your Resurrection, fill me with hope. Help me to look forward to the celebration of Your Resurrection, but also to look forward to the hope of my own share in the new life You won for the world. I entrust my whole being to You, dear Lord, as You lay lifeless and still. May Your rest transform the brokenness of my own soul, my weaknesses, my sin and my frailty. You are glorious and You bring the greatest good out of Your apparent defeat. I trust in Your power to do all things and I entrust my life to You. Jesus, I trust in You.

Prepared by Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas mycatholic.life


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