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Unity is a God-Entrusted Life – Reverend Roy Cooper

A Reflection on John 17:20-26 for Christian Unity Week Be good. Take care of yourself. Have fun. Work hard. Make good decisions. Learn a lot. Be careful. Call if you need something. Remember, we love you. Those are the kind of things we say when we are leaving a son or daughter at University for

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A Meditation on Luke’s Account of the Birth of Christ

From our Christmas double issue, author, educator and lay missionary Frances Hogan writes on the Holy Family, and the Birth of Christ. Read the full article below, or click here to print of download a PDF of the article. Christmas! We look forward to gifts, the family gathering and all the joys of the day

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Editorial – Our Annual Humanist Celebration

Far from exiting the stage of history so that humans can take their true place, it is God’s entrance into history that has fully revealed to us the truth about ourselves. The conviction that God took human form is the foundation of the very highest humanism, and by the same token, Christmas is our great, annual humanist celebration.

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Luther, God and Church Renewal

31 October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany­ – the start of the Reformation movement. From our November issue, Bishop Brendan Leahy, Bishop of Limerick, writes on Luther, God and Church Renewal. Click here to download or print a pdf of the article.   Luther, God and Church

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World Mission Sunday: Origins and Meaning

In our latest issue of Intercom we celebrate the Mission Month of October. Fr Maurice Hogan SSC, National Director of World Missions Ireland wrote to us on the Origins and Meaning of World Mission Sunday.  Until relatively recent times, the proclamation of the Gospel to non-Christians was regarded as the exclusive work of missionary societies

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Sitting Where They Sit: The Irish Chaplaincy at 60

This year the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain celebrates its 60th birthday. Set up by the Irish bishops as the Irish Emigrant Chaplaincy in a very different social, political and cultural climate, it continues today to provide an outreach service to some of the most vulnerable Irish people in Britain. Since 1957, successive teams of priests,

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A Life of Continuous Sacrifice – Saint Oliver Plunkett (1625–81)

This Saturday 1 July we celebrate the feast day of Saint Oliver Plunkett, Bishop and Martyr. From our July/August issue, Monsignor Raymond Murray wrote on Saint Oliver Plunkett and his ‘Life of Continuous Sacrifice’. Read the full article below or click here to download or print a pdf from our July/August issue. Click here for

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Just Preaching – The Essentials

From our latest July/August issue, former editor of Intercom magazine, Father Bernard Cotter offers the essentials of preaching. With Diana Klein, Father Cotter is co-author of How to Survive Working in a Catholic Parish. The below article is based on an address given at the annual assembly of clergy of the Diocese of Kerry earlier this year. 

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Editorial – The Message of God’s Love

Preaching doesn’t come easy to most priests. At this time of year particularly, I’ve often found a homiletic challenge in presenting the teaching of Pentecost, the Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi in a way that is in any way helpful, meaningful or relevant to a patient congregation who now face the same face and voice

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‘Maria hat geholfen’ – There’s something about Mary

  “Maria hat geholfen… Mary helped.” From our June issue, Salvador Ryan, Professor of Ecclesiastical History, writes on Mary, the Untier of Knots, and the enduring devotion to Our Lady as a problem solver.  Click here to download or print a pdf of this article, or read the full article below.  For more from our

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