April 2024: Editorial

Roll away the stone     

The Welsh philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) often argued against the possibility of resurrection and declared that he had built his life upon ‘the solid foundations of despair.’ There are many today who faced with the turmoil and suffering of the world of 2024 are tempted to a similar sense of dark helplessness and who fear that the light at the end of the tunnel is probably an oncoming train.

There are those and always have been those like Russell who even from the earliest days think that the Easter story is a myth or fable, that Christian faith is based on a delusion, an impossibility. And yet for two thousand years countless millions of people have trusted in the hope filled promise of Easter. For those who had been afraid on Calvary, who lost hope, who were in despair were suddenly revitalised and filled with a new courage which many of them held onto until the hour of their own deaths.

Easter is our opportunity too to renew our hopes, to rededicate our lives and to understand with new, astonished eyes as Mary Magdalene did as the first witness of the resurrection, the power of the one in whom we believe. God keeps his promises and those who believe in him, who trust and hope in him will not be disappointed. At Easter we roll the stone away from the tomb and bring Jesus to those who most need him. May the joy of Easter touch our hearts and refresh our faith. May it be a source of inspiration and hope in the face of daily trials and challenges. May the first ‘alleluia’ find an echo in our own hearts this Easter.

Paul Clayton-Lea 

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