February 2022: Prayers and Reflections

Prayers and Reflections for February


Prayer for Temperance
Day of Prayer for Temperance (27 February )

Temper my desires, O Lord, and turn my focus towards you. Deliver me from the tendency to go to extremes that strain both body and soul. Help me to be content with what I have instead of constantly seeking more. May I come to recognize the grace of moderation that brings both contentment and appreciation. Let temperance grow in me and lead me to discover other virtues that bring deeper union with you. In your sacred name, I pray. Amen.



* * *

Blessing of St Brigid’s Crosses (1 February)
Go dtuga iasair Brighde spreadgadh duit
Go dtuga crios Brighde slanu duit,
Go dtuga crithaiocht Brighde duit

May Brigid’s flame give you inspiration
May Brigid’s belt give you healing,
May Brigid’s creativity give you a way

A Reflection on the life of St Brigid

On the eighth day of the month Brigid was born (on a Thursday). On her eighteenth birthday she became a nun. In the eighty eighth year of her age she went to heaven. With eight virgins Brigid was consecrated according to the number of the eight beatitudes of the Gospel which she fulfilled. And of them all it was the beatitude of mercy that Brigid chose.

The Armagh Cathechist

* * *

Prayers against Human Trafficking (8 February )
For an end to the coercion and exploitation of vulnerable persons at factories, farms, and brothels, we pray: Hear us God of freedom.
For an eradication of the poverty and lack of opportunity that breeds human trafficking, we pray: Hear us God of freedom.
For a greater awareness of the reality and signs of human trafficking in our midst,
we pray: Hear us God of freedom.
For cooperation between governments and social service agencies to neutralize traffickers and their networks, we pray: Hear us God of freedom.

God of liberation, we pray for all your children who are enslaved by human trafficking. Free them from their bondage, heal them of their wounds, protect them from further harm, turn the hearts of their oppressors, and sustain them with hope for a new beginning in safety and peace. Amen.Catholic Charities USA


* * *

Prayer for the Environment
God our Father,
Your Son Jesus took images from
plant and animal life
to teach us about your Kingdom in heaven
and His mission of mercy in history.
With the help of the Holy Spirit,
who hovered over the cosmos at creation,
may we appreciate the beauty
and diversity of nature,
act temperately to protect the environment
and to prudently
preserve the resources of the earth,
promoting peace and justice among peoples
all over the planet.
May the intercession of Mary,
mother of the church, and inspiration of Saint Francis,
impel us to collaborate
inter-religiously and work with all who wish
for a cleaner and better world,
for the common good and glory of God. Fr Kevin O’Gorman SMA


* * *

St Gobnait (11 February )
Go mbeannaighe Dia dhuit,
a Ghobnait Naomhtha,
Go mbeannuighe Muire dhuit
is bheannuighim féin dhuit.
Is chughat-sa a thánag ag
gearán mo scéil leat,
Is a d’iarraidh mo leighis
ar son Dé ort.

May God bless you,
Holy Saint Gobnait,
And may Mary bless you,
And I bless you myself.
For it is to you that I come,
To plead my case with you,
To request my healing,
From you on God’s part.

The beehive is the symbol of St Gobnait because, when a pagan chief was attempting a cattle raid, she took up one of the beehives of the convent and directed it at the raiders. The thieves fled and the cattle were saved.

* * *


Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of Abuse (25 February)
Candle of Atonement Prayer

Lord, forgive us our many sins.
We grieve and repent with all our hearts for having offended you, for our great failings and neglect of the young and vulnerable.
We place all of those who have been hurt by the Church in any way into your loving hands and under the protection of Our Blessed Mother.
Lord, bring peace to their broken lives and show us all the way out of darkness and into the light of your Word.
May we as the people of God be more fully human, more fully Christ-like and more fully your people, that we may see the errors of the past and go forward with renewed hope and faith in Christ and in our Church. Amen.

Resources for the Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of abuse,
including the text for the Blessing and Dedication of the ‘Candle of Atonement’ for Cathedrals and churches, are available: