Job Listings

13 December 2016: Advertisement for the position of President of Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth, Co Kildare, Irelandcommencement date will be 1 September 2017

The Trustees of Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, wish to appoint a President of Saint Patrick’s College.  The position arises in 2017 and the appointment will be for a five year term which may be renewed or extended for one further term.

Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, was founded as a seminary in 1795 and received the status of a Pontifical University in 1896.  It has the Faculties of Theology, Philosophy and Canon Law.  The Pontifical University and the Seminary are located next to, and cooperate closely with, Maynooth University.


“Under the authority of the Trustees the President is the pastor of the seminary community. He shall be a man of good faith, learning and good judgement, committed to his priestly duties and able to work well with others.”  (Statutes of Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth. #43-44).

The President/Rector, while leading the full seminary formation programme for the Roman Catholic Priesthood, will also be responsible for the overall operational efficiency of the college.  He will oversee the strategic development of the college’s faculties, responding to the challenges and positive changes in the education sector.  He will be able to envision, propose and implement changes set out in the College’s strategic plan.


Roman Catholic Priest who is in good standing and over 35 years of age; Commitment to priestly duties and personal faith; Candidates must provide written permission from their Ordinary or Religious Superior before the closing date set out below.

Desirable Attributes

A Doctorate and Licentiate in Catholic Theology or Biblical Studies or Canon Law or Philosophy or Ecclesiastical History; a qualification or experience in ministerial formation or other relevant experience; and, experience in Human/Estate/Resource Management

Application Procedure

Candidates should submit a written application to Rev Father Enda Cunningham, Secretary to the Trustees, c/o Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co Kildare no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 25 January 2017.  Applications must include details of qualifications and experience and a covering letter setting out reasons the candidate views his experience as relevant to this appointment.  The written permission of the Ordinary or Religious Superior should accompany the application.

The proposed nominee is subject to approval from the relevant Congregation in Rome.

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