June 2023: Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day
June 2023


The Most Holy Trinity
4 June 2023

It is early June and the Leaving Certificate examinations are about to begin. Students agonise about what will come up in the opening English paper. ‘I hope Heaney comes up. I have spent a lot of time on him …

Almost sixty years ago I probably agonised in a similar way (to a far less pressurised extent), but for what it’s worth here is my ‘Brief Open Letter to this year’s Class.’

Dear Students. Worry not! In ten, twenty, thirty years time, what will it matter what ‘came up’ this year? What will come up in that time is life – with all its joys, sorrows, vagaries, challenges, disappointments, demands. I hope the last five years will have equipped you well for that. For now, just do your best. Good luck!

Stolen Moments, John Quinn (Veritas)

* * *

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)
11 June 2023

Each year, the First Communion class in Scoil Mhuire, Clarinbridge write letters to Jesus. These lines are compiled from writings of recent years.

What’s it like in heaven? Can you see my house from there?

How do you watch everyone at once? You are so cool and wonderful,

You are the best! How is God and your mum?

Will you please help me not be angry?

Is Nana still painting in heaven?

Is God nice to you? Does he ever ground you?

What age are you? Do you have a best friend?

At night when I feel like I am alone I put out my hand and it feels like you are holding it. Thank you for the world

Stolen Moments, John Quinn (Veritas)


* * *

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
18 June 2023

A letter writer asks – What’s the good about retirement? For what it’s worth here’s my reply.

R is for Rest from the treadmill of a work career.

E is for Engagement with issues, people, the world!

T is for Time to live your life.

I is for Interests – cultivate new ones, rediscover old ones.

R is for Routine – establishing one eases the transition.

E is for Education – which is for life.

M is for Meander where you will, at your pace.

E is for Enjoyment. Find it in fleeting moments, the smallest things.

N is for Novelty. Seek it, take risks!T is for Travel. There’s a big beautiful world out there.

Stolen Moments, John Quinn (Veritas)


* * *

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
25 June 2023

My garden is a haven of peace, a restful sanctuary for the mind. In a corner, my few drills of potatoes are thriving. Beside me, parsley and chives flourish in a terracotta tub. My apple tree promises a rich harvest. The lawn is trim and tidy thanks to my neighbour Kevin, who mows it for me regularly. In the centre of the lawn, a young copper beech tree is growing apace, taller now than myself. There are weeds about too. Welcome weeds! Save for the rustling branches above me and occasional twitterings in the hedgerow, there is absolute stillness. Sunshine. Warmth. A caressing breeze. A sip of tea. Contentment. So many blessings. So many blessings.

Stolen Moments, John Quinn (Veritas)

* * *