Resources for Family Mass – May

The resources for Family Mass are provided by Orla Walsh, Deputy Principle in St Vincent’s Secondary School, Co Louth.

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7 May, 2017

Gospel: John 10:1-10

Theme: Christ is our shepherd, he knows us by name; no one can take away his sheep

Sacred Space: Shepherd’s crook/gate

Homily: Today’s Gospel tells us that Jesus knows us by name, Jesus calls us to life. There are many voices calling out to us in the wilderness of the 21st century. Advertisements urging us not to miss the bargain of a lifetime, ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’; websites calling us to place a bid; social media telling us what’s hot and what’s not! We are surrounded by voices calling us. Do we hear them? Yes. Do we respond to them? Often. The voice of Jesus calls out to us in every moment of our day. Do we hear the voice of Jesus? How do we respond to the voice of Jesus? When we pray we should activate our ability to listen to Jesus in a special way. Listen out for Jesus calling us by our names. We can train ourselves to distinguish between the voices of retailers and whimsical fads to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, calling us. Jesus invites us to respond by living life and living it to the full in God’s name. Your name has been carved on the palm of his hands (Isaiah 49:16), listen to the voice of Jesus calling you.

Prayer of the Faithful

  1. Good Shepherd, let us listen to your call, let us respond in faith, hope and love.
  2. Good Shepherd, lead us through the shepherd’s gate, guide us in our journey through life, especially when we cannot distinguish the voices calling out to us.
  3. Good Shepherd, thank you for looking after your flock, thank you for leading us into the fullness of life.


14 May 2017

Gospel: John 14:1-12

Theme: I am the way, the truth and the life

Sacred Space: Peace lily/symbols of truth and life

Homily: In his poem ‘The lake isle of Inisfree’, Yeats tells us that peace comes dropping slow. Yeats understood that happiness and sadness wash over us like the tide. But peace is harder to obtain and to maintain. When we achieve peace in our hearts, we are free to love God in a full and all-embracing way.

Today’s Gospel shares this truth with us. Jesus tells us to be assured that there is a place for us in his Father’s house, he will go ahead of us and prepare it. Jesus calms any fears we may have of being cut adrift, of being let go or abandoned. Jesus has shown us the way to God. The ‘way’ is not easy; it is not without pain and consistent effort. However, we can wake up each and every day to begin again, to right any wrongs and to take another step in the right direction. This will bring us ultimate peace.

Prayer of the Faithful

  1. Lord God, empower us with the capacity to love you each and every day in and through our words and actions.
  2. Saving God, embrace us anew each and every day as we fall and get up time and time again.
  3. Lord of Peace, thank you for your gentle, forgiving and peaceful embrace.


21 May 2017

Gospel: John 14:15-21

Theme: The Spirit of truth is in those who love God.

Sacred Space: Symbols of daily actions/symbols of right relationships

Homily: Jesus has asked us to live life to the full. This does not mean that we party every day and spend our time and energy seeking out new ways to have 24/7 fun. Of course having fun is part of our lives, but this is not all that living life to the full entails. Living life to the full means that we live our faith in and through our relationships, our work and play. Living each ordinary day in an extra ordinary way is key to living life to the full. Sharing our faith when we can, not being afraid of showing our Christianity in the mess of life or giving advice that is selfless by nature are key ways to live life to the full. Jesus tells us that we live his truth when we show our love for God in our lives. We will not be abandoned, we will be aware of God’s love in our lives and how our efforts are revealing God’s love in the world. We can all play our part, every day.

Prayer of the Faithful

  1. Lord God, we ask you for the courage and the resilience to step up to living a life of faith.
  2. Lord our Saviour, we ask you to empower us to be role models for others, no matter how small the task or the action, let us lead by good example.
  3. Loving God, we thank you for all the people in our lives that lead us in the journey of faith. Bless each one of them and hold them safe in your embrace.


28 May 2017

Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20

Theme: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Sacred Space: Suitcase/maps/footsteps/school bag

Homily: In today’s Gospel, Jesus sets us a task, he asks us to get up and get at the business at hand! Jesus came to show us the way. We know him, we follow him and we love him. Our lives can be a daily prayer to Jesus and the love he shows us. It is not easy to follow in his footsteps, but with each new dawn comes another day and a world of possibilities opens up to us. The beauty of today’s Gospel shines brightly through the last line: ‘And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’ Like a loved one cheering us on at the sideline of a final match, God is with us, championing on our lives, carrying us through difficulty, loving us through fun times and walking alongside us in ordinary time. Be aware of Jesus and his unconditional love. Be aware of the peace and calm that this can bring to a troubled heart.

Prayer of the Faithful

  1. Gentle Jesus, help me be aware of your presence in my life.
  2. Loving God, empower me to live a life of truth in your name.
  3. Holy Spirit, guide my weary way on the right path of selfless love.