Resources for Family Mass: September

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Orla Walsh is a Deputy Principal in

St Vincent’s Secondary School, Dundalk, Co Louth



4 September • Luke 14:25-33

Theme: The Cost of Being a Disciple/Be the best Christian you can be

Sacred Space: Prepare for the journey ahead: Backpack and comfortable shoes



Do I ever find that my possessions and treats are challenged by a growing relationship with Jesus? How do I break free from the consumerism, individualism and competitiveness that are all consuming in my life? Do I want to? In today’s Gospel Jesus asks us to take a good long and hard look at our choice to follow God. What does this choice really mean to us? How does it impact on life? Does it impact at all? These are the hard questions Jesus is asking us today. If we want to build our relationship with Jesus, if we want to live a life in relationship with Jesus, what are we doing about it? What changes have we made? What can we do to empower and embrace our relationship with God? Are we bothered?


Prayer of the Faithful:

1.  Gracious God, we ask you to help us share our lives with each other and with you in an open, honest and authentic way. Grant us the grace to walk together as we journey in faith. Lord hear our prayer.

2.  Loving God, thank you for sending Jesus to show us your love in action. Thank you for giving us the wisdom to follow Jesus and try to be real Christians each day. Lord hear our prayer.

3.  Saving God, we ask for the courage to really give our hearts and souls and our lives to our faith. Help us to take the steps together. Lord hear our prayer.



11 September • Luke 15:1-32

Theme: Rejoice, God is always waiting with open arms for you!

Sacred Space: Lost Sheep/Lost Coin



The parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin show us the constant and eternal love God has for each and every one of us, but especially for sinners. God never gives up on anyone. We all make mistakes, errors of judgement or lose our way. God forgives and allows the light of our faith to shine through even on the dark days. This Gospel helps us realise that no matter how hurt or low we feel or we feel that we have been to another, the sun will always rise in the morning and God will always forgive us and celebrate our saying sorry. Hear this parable today and ask if Jesus is speaking to us. Are we trying to be the best version of ourselves? Are there negative group chats that I get caught up in? Have I posted messages I know will irritate or offend? Am I someone who attracts good and honest people or am I bothered? Try to spend time reflecting on the love of God, deep and unconditional, always there for each and every one of us.


Prayer of the Faithful:

1.  Gracious God, we thank you for your love, deep and unconditional even when we may not be doing our best. Lord hear our prayer.

2.  Loving God, Grant us the ability to use our courage and right judgement for the benefit of others. Lord hear our prayer.

3.  Forgiving God, I celebrate my faith, in all its strength and weakness. Thank you for gifting me with the grace of your love. Lord hear our prayer.



18 September • Luke 16:1-13

Theme: Money, Money, Mone

Altar Sacred Space: Love symbols/Symbols of our work/Hobbies



It may be said that today’s Gospel is a difficult one. It can be suggested that it has two lessons for us: firstly, that we should love God with even more energy and ingenuity than we give to our jobs, work or our hobbies, secondly, that we should use our resources to help the poor. ‘The only things we take with us from our life on earth are those which we have given away.’ We often give so much time to our jobs, our hobbies or our projects. That is a good thing. However, if we think about it, do we give some of that effort and training to our faith? To our relationship with God? Today, Jesus asks us to think about this, just to create an awareness of our vast ability to love God, a vast ability that may not be completely activated.


Prayer of the Faithful:

1.  Gracious God, thank you for our life, our love and our health. help us to acknowledge and appreciate each other daily and with a true heart. Lord hear our prayer.

2.  Loving God, bless our family and friends, grant that they will continue to love us through life and offer us the strength that carries us through tough times. Lord hear our prayer.

3.  Saving God, we ask for grace in our hearts, to acknowledge the times and the opportunities when we do not give our all. We are aware of our failings and work to better each day. Lord hear our prayer.



25 September • Luke 16:19-31

Theme: Love thy Neighbour

Altar Sacred Space:  Community symbols/Symbols of the local area



Today’s message has a simple but strong message for us. Jesus asks us to be aware of those in need under our noses. This Gospel is not particularly concerned about the good Lazarus did during his life, nor is it concerned with the wrongdoing the rich man did. However the rich man did not do anything for Lazarus who lay in pain and hunger at his gates, under his nose. Are we doing enough for those who need us and are right beside us? Is there a sister or brother who needs us? Is there a family member who could do with some company on these September evenings? Is there a friend who could do with some words of support but we are not ‘getting involved’?

Today, Jesus asks us to notice the pain and loneliness right beside us. We are all aware of those in need beside us but we often choose to ignore these situations as they take up more time and energy than we are bothered to give or our favourite programme is on and we don’t want to miss it! Today’s message is simple: Love your neighbour, and try to love unconditionally.


Prayer of the Faithful:

1.  Gracious God, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to love others and so love you. Lord hear our prayer.

2.  Loving God, Help us to see the problems that exist ‘under our noses’ and are easy to ignore but hard to give our undivided attention to. Lord hear our prayer.

3.  Saving God, we ask for eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to love unconditionally. Lord hear our prayer.